The Effects of BREEAM on The Designers of Construction Projects

Designers of Construction Projects
BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. First of all, it was published in 1990 by BRE. It is known as the world’s longest method to get an idea about the rating and certifying of the sustainability of the building. There are almost 2500000 buildings all around the world which are BEEAM certified and more than one million buildings have applied for the certification. There is also a tool of BREEAM which is focusing on the neighbourhood development of the buildings. Here, the experts of PhD dissertation writing services will discuss the effects of BEEAM on the designers of construction projects.

Over the past few years, we can easily get an idea that BREEAM has used increasingly for building projects in the UK. No doubt, the BREEAM has also created some challenges for the designers. The most important challenge for the designers is to meet and fulfil the requirements of the BREEAM. To fulfil the building features, building material and water services according to the requirements of the BREEAM is also a real challenge for the designers. That’s why we are observing lots of changes in the designs of the designers in order to get the highest BREEAM rating.

The impact of the BREEAM requirements on the construction of the buildings is changing from one location to another location and from one project to another project. The BREEAM teams are focusing on the entirety of the building rather than the designs of the buildings. That’s why most of the designers are focusing on the entirety of the building and they have made significant changes in their designs. Nowadays, BREEAM has also become a standard tool for locating the local authorities in the new developments. For this reason, we can observe significant changes in schools, colleges and hospitals.

As we have discussed earlier that the designers have made some key changes in their designs. The first change in the design is in the building features. In the building features, we can observe two main changes. Firstly, they have changed the size and shape of the windows. This change in the design, size and shape of the windows is made by keeping in mind the lower consumption of the energy. Secondly, the BREEAM has also forced the designers to think about the consumption of the material. That’s why the designers are focusing on the A and A+ materials for the construction of the buildings.

Secondly, the designers also keep in mind the water services before preparing a building. In the water services, first of all, they try to adopt some water saving measures and features. This is an essential step of the designers to preserve the water resources. Secondly, designers are focusing on the water recycling system. For this reason, the designers are using a rainwater harvesting system which is helpful to us to use the rainwater for the toilet flushing and irrigation. They are also keeping the size of the water tanks normal. Its reason is that these sizes also play an important role in the BREEAM ranking. At last, the buildings are also made by keeping in mind the risk of the floods.

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