What is Extemporaneous Speech? Top Guidelines to Write It Effectively

Extemporaneous Speech
Speech pertains to the spoken language, and it predates writing. The purpose of a speech is to persuade or convince small or large groups of people with information and arguments. It is an art of persuasion that requires mastery over oratory. But there are different kinds of speeches and knowing the difference between them is very important. Many situations in life require on the feet thinking and articulation of thoughts in an expressive manner. It is essential to grasp the concept of extemporaneous speech for that purpose.

Extemporaneous speech relates to speaking about anything without any preparation. It differs from memorization and manuscript speeches. On the other hand, extemporaneous speech does not require memorization or reading from a manuscript. But it does not mean that extemporaneous speeches do not require any preparation time. In this regard, it differs from an impromptu speech that requires speaking on the spur of the moment. Sometimes there are certain moments when the right choice of words and their articulation can create a significant impact. Speaking without planning and research capabilities does not necessarily mean that one has to speak impulsively. Impulsive speech can also have negative consequences. So, it is essential to know about extemporaneous speech to speak the right words at the right moment. This article will discuss what an extemporaneous speech is and how to write an effective speech.

Why Learning about Extemporaneous Speech is Important?

An extemporaneous speech enables people to organize their thoughts about any topic quickly and speak on it then and there. It binds the analytical and coordination skills and, thereby, enhances situational judgement. Situational judgement requires on the spot thinking and an ability to merge disjointed thoughts to develop a reasonable argument. Besides, situational judgement requires filtering the relevant information and ordering it logically to vocalize the thoughts more aptly in spoken form. So, it is imperative to get the hang of extemporaneous speech.

Steps in Writing an Effective Extemporaneous Speech


The first step in preparing for an extempore speech is identifying the topic and brainstorming on that. Try to recall your knowledge about that particular topic and write down as many points as you can. It helps to write down the thoughts in bullets or write them on flashcards. Though it is best to write whatever comes to your mind, make sure that such points must be relevant to the topic. You may get help from an assignment writing service to get an effective topic.

Make an Outline

It is an efficient strategy to formulate an outline of an extempore speech during the preparation time. Unlike manuscript speeches, you will not be doing the paper reading an outline that encrypts a blueprint in your mind. It is a useful strategy that helps to keep your speech structured when you speak. Include all the essential elements of your speech in the outline.

Develop a Thesis Statement

You must understand that thesis statements are not only crucial in essay writing, but also essential in preparing extempore speeches. When it comes to writing or speaking, thesis statement helps keeping you on track. It also enables you to develop main points about the topic that you think embodies the whole issue. It is advisable to formulate three to four short key sentences about the topic. You can write about your opinions and thoughts on that issue and add evidence and examples to support your opinions. A working thesis statement is a helpful strategy since it assists you to improvise your expression during the speech.

Draft the Main Body of Speech

It is impossible to prepare for the given topic in-depth in a limited preparation time. You cannot possibly include all the relevant information on that topic because of time constraints. So, it is essential to add the main points relevant to the topic. You would have jolted down many points during brainstorming, but it is essential to sift through them at this stage. Insert critical facts and details about the topic in the body section. The process of eliminating some details from the initial list is pertinent to ensure only talking about the critical aspects of the subject. So, it is helpful to plan effectively by keeping in mind time limitations. Knowing what your audience wants to know will assist you in choosing which key points you should include.

Emphasize the Main Points

If you explain the key points without proper explanation, your audience will not understand the context of your speech. You should avoid emphasizing every idea because it will consume a lot of time. The best practice is to elaborate on three to four essential points that directly relate to your topic.


A conclusion is an integral part of speech writing, just like in essay writing. It is important to summarize your thoughts and emphasize the essential aspects of your speech. The best practice is to revise your thesis statement and the main supporting points and examples. You can end the speech with an inspiring quote or a thoughtful comment.

What is an Effective Extemporaneous Speech?

The following factors play a significant role in delivering an eloquent speech.


Preparation is the key to delivering a good on the spot speech and if you do not prepare well for it, you might speak impulsively. Before speaking, it is crucial to organize the thoughts in an ordered manner and speak accordingly.

Generating Ideas

Coming up with fresh ideas is the most challenging task in an extempore speech. There is little time for preparation, and unfamiliar topics make a person clueless about what to speak. Unexpected circumstances can also arise in real life, such as in the workplace, requiring persuasion. So, to prepare well for extemporaneous speech, it is essential to practice every day.

Be Original

It will help if you do not try to imitate others while delivering your speech since it seems fake and lacks seriousness. It is better to listen to the speaking styles of public speakers and observe their presentation skills for guidance. But, developing a unique style of presentation after proper speech content proofreading is necessary to present your true self, and it is more natural.


Learning extemporaneous speech skills is an arduous task, and it pays off in real-life situations that require spontaneous thinking. It enables a person to deal with any eventualities in life and develop an ability to create an impact through words. On the whole, extemporaneous speech improves our decision making and coordination skills and help in speaking concisely and briefly which is an important communication skill.

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