Web Designing in 2020: New Trends and Practices of Website Design

The production and maintenance of websites are known as web designing. There are different areas of web designing like interface designing, coding, web graphic designing and SEO etc. The design of a website tells us everything about the website like how it will works, how to include content on it and how it looks etc. No doubt, web designing is a process of planning and conceptualizing because it determines the layout, colour, structure and style of the web pages. Nowadays, we can see different trends and practices of website designing. The possible trends and practices of website designing in 2020 are explained below coursework help;

1) Adaptive design
Adaptive design is getting more and more fame in the website designing over the previous year. In 2020, it is expected that all the websites will use adaptive design. Its reason is that more than 80% of visitors don’t like to open the non-adaptive website designs. The main benefit of the adaptive design of a website is that it is easy to read and it is visually appealing on all the screens. The main focus of this design is on mobile users because the mobile internet surfers are increasing day by day. In 2020, the main task of the developers will be to save the users from the difficulties and it is possible only if they are using adaptive designs for their websites. 

2) Motion design
Due to the pace of the 21st century, human beings have become very patient. That’s why while searching for data on the internet, internet users are in instant exposure. That’s why in 2020, motion design will be considered as one of the most important trends in the website designing. These motion designs of the websites will be just like Gif animations. Its reason is that Gifs are considered as the most important ways to present the information instead of textual or pictorial ways. The main advantage of the motion design of the websites will be that the websites will load the data instantly. Moreover, these motion designs of the websites will work equally well not only in the browsers but also in the smartphones. For example, if you want to get information about the features of a car, you can get the required information just within 5 seconds. 

3) Video adding
The report of ‘The State of Video Marketing in 2019’ is showing that in 2020, most of the website designers will try to add video features in the design of their websites. Its main reason is that most of the internet users don’t have enough time for the internet surfing and they try to get the required information just by watching 2 to 5 minutes videos rather than spending 10 to 20 minutes in reading the lengthy posts. According to the report of ‘The State of Video Marketing’, the business websites will require this design more than other websites. Its reason is that more than 80% of customers have said that they are convinced to buy the products of a company by watching videos. 

4) Chatbots
The websites which are offering services or which are selling the products are still using this website design. With the help of chatbots, it is easy for the websites to engage the visitors in communication. In 2020, it is also expected that almost all the websites will use such design which has the chatbot. These chatbots will be managed on the basis of artificial intelligence. The website owners will try to make a list of the constant questions relevant to their niche and when a visitor asks one of these questions, they will try to provide possible answers to these questions. The businessmen will also use these chatbots in order to complete orders, to make new registrations and to restore the accounts. 

5) Bold colours and simplicity
Nowadays, we see that almost all the brands are using websites for the purpose of marketing their products or services. Among the sea of online competitors, it is also expected that in 2020, most of the website owners will try to distinguish their brands from others by adopting bold and bright colours. The main benefit of using these bold and bright colours is that these colours are attention-grabbing for the viewers. In the future, most of the devices will use the IPS technology and the visitors will see the beautiful overview of the bold colours websites with the help of IPS technology screens. 

6) Minimalism
As we know that speed has become the most important ranking factor. In order to increase the speed of the website, the website owners will try to think about minimalism design of a website. It will be a broader concept and it will urge the website owners to simplify the interface of their websites. The website owners will be able to minimize the interface of a website in various ways like they can hide the navigation bar, they can minimize the use of colours and they can also minimize the buttons on their websites. The main aim of minimalism design of a website is that it will show a few elements on a web page. 

7) Whiteface
Nowadays, we are using different colours on the website designs in order to get the attention of the visitors. In 2020, it is expected that this trend will completely change and the website owners will try to use such website design which will be helpful for them to show white face to the users. With the help of the white face, it will be easy for the website owners to grab the attention of the viewers. Whiteface means that the area under different objects of a website will be white. 

8) Push notifications
This trend is gaining momentum and it is expected that in 2020, almost all the websites will use it in the design of their websites. With the help of this website design, it will be possible for the website owners to send messages to the viewers on the corner of their monitor. The viewers can get benefit from this design because by enabling the push notifications, they will be able to get notification about the upcoming event of their best sport and upcoming articles of their best websites. Sometimes, there is a possibility that the viewers get annoyance due to these push notifications. Under such a situation, these website designs also allow the viewers to block these notifications. Most of the websites will get the permissions of the users before sending these notifications. In 2020, there is also a possibility that the website owners will be able to get an idea about the interests of their viewers. After getting an idea about the interests of their viewers, it will be helpful for them to send notifications to the viewers according to their interests. 

9) Asymmetric layouts
Asymmetric layouts will be attention-grabbing and thought-provoking layouts in the future. No doubt, to design asymmetric layouts for your websites is a tricky process but when the website owners know the importance of these layouts, they will prefer these layouts over the other layouts. There is also a possibility that the website designers try to mix symmetric and asymmetric layouts on their websites. By mixing symmetric and asymmetric layouts, it will be helpful for the website designers to complete the website designing process by breaking it into several components. With the help of asymmetric website design, it will be easy for the website designers to focus on the viewpoint of the viewer’s eye on the focal points of the website. The website owners also adjust and position the elements on a page in such a way that the viewers’ eyes will be directed towards some specific points of the web page. 

10) Voice capable interfaces
In 2020, it is expected that the trend of searches will be changed. The users will be able to search the data by speaking their keywords rather than typing the keywords. The web developers can also take advantage of this feature and they can design such websites which can support the voice reorganization. Its reason is that if the search engines will introduce this feature, they will also rank the websites on the basis of voice reorganization. In other words, we can say that voice-capable interfaces of a website will be helpful for it in SEO. 

The maintenance process of a website is known as web designing. Interface designing, coding and web graphic designing come into website designing. There are different trends and practices in website designing but the most important trend and practices of website design that we will see in 2020 are adaptive design, motion design, video adding, chatbots, bold colours and simplicity, minimalism, push notifications and asymmetric layouts. In 2020, it is also expected that the search engines will introduce a feature of voice reorganization. With the help of this feature, it will be possible for the users to search for any keyword by speaking rather than typing. Therefore, the voice-capable interface of a website will be the most important layout for a website. 


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