Apple Has Joined Fight Against Singularity

Fight Against Singularity
There is good news for people who look out for information regarding artificial intelligence that now it has another champion and watchdog that will support the developments and the growth that is going on in this field. Four months after its formation, the partnership on Artificial Intelligence, a group that has been dedicated to tackling AI opportunities and challenges has now apple has its member. Tom Gruber, apple’s head of advanced development for Apple’s digital assistance, Siri has joined the partnership on Al’s board of Trustees on Friday which is a very welcoming news as apple is the giant when it comes to technology and advancement and its cooperation means that AI has a better chance to explore the option and make rapid progress.

AI has become a popular term over the past few years and it is because we are fast on our way to a future that is very uncertain and un predicable and while there are somethings that look very promising, there are others that seen scary. However, whatever we see coming towards us is a collaboration of technology along with artificial intelligence. There are so many organizations that have understood the significance of AI and they are trying to spread it, promote it, control it and may be manage it but this is no easy task and it requires devotion as well as finances to support things the right way. Each of these organizations is involved in the development and distribution of AI and its associated services and products. there are many other organizations too that have loads of public data that helps AI to make sense of what is happening and how things will shape up let’s say 30 years from now.

As told by a company from where people buy dissertation online, it would not be wrong to say that AI is the wild west of technology as nothing is certain and nothing seems to be sure but this is the main reason why this big giants are trying to make their way to the right direction and this is the reason why Apple has joined hands with AI to be among the few who are taking initiative to do something about it. In the past few years, we have seen AI making its way from laboratory to our pockets and living rooms with products like Siri, Alexa and Cortana. Along with these AI services there are also many others that are making our lives better in small yet significant ways and this is what it is all about and why so much attention is being paid to AI for what it can do for mankind in the long run.

Apple is not the first organization to join hands and fight against singularity. Gruber joins science, research and AI leaders from an eclectic group of companies that also include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and DeepMind (part of Google), along with leaders from the ACLU, UC Berkeley and the Association for the Advancement of AI. According to him, all these people and organizations ae glad to see that the industry is engaged in some of the better and larger opportunities and concerns that have been created with the advancement of machine learning and artificial intelligence. They believe it is not only beneficial to apple and its customers but also for people world over and the industry can play a key role in its development and look forward to working together with the group to drive discussion on how AI can be further advanced while at the same time trying to protect the privacy and secure of consumers.

Apple has joined AI has a founding member even though it was not the part of original group that was initially announced earlier but even then it was working quietly under the wraps and was a key part of all the discussion and the workings going on for AI and its development. Apple is working hard in collaboration with the right people to make sure that AI develops into useful and fair way that is beneficial for all and helps to change the world in a positive way. This might be the right time for apple to become a part of this platform and get involved in what is going on as the partnership on AI has not been able to do much since it was formed some time back and its last activity was an update or rather a public statement that praised the white house office of science and technology’s report on the future of artificial intelligence.

This document has not become a part of the white house website but there has not been anything more than that on this key issue and apple taking the lead means that we will soon see something useful coming out in near future. AI has been called as the major driver of growth and social progress and working on it means that researchers will be able to use AI to their fullest potential will involve collaboration by industry, government, and the public on the broader social, legal, and ethical influences of AI. The addition of apple is a pivotal moment for the Partnership on AI, as we establish a diverse and balanced Board of Trustees that extends and broadens our existing leadership as expressed by the AI committee in their latest blog post.

The task to develop AI in a useful, safe and fair way is not an easy task but it is a very important one and the risk of problems is always high if things are not done the right way. However, the group is also apprehensive about the policies and the new government’s approach to science and what decisions they might be taking regarding AI but they are pretty confident that they will continue to work in the right direction and try to achieve all their goals. The first meeting of the Partnership on AI's Board of Trustees will be held soon and Apple will be a very important member of this meeting along with others and it remains to be seen what important decisions will be taken and how apple will play its part in AI.

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