Role of Keywords in SEO and Top Free Software to Analyze Competition

Role of Keywords in SEO
SEO has become a backbone for the success of a website. Its reason is that our main purpose of creating a website is to drive traffic to it. The search engines are the best and free resources to drive millions of traffic to your website. In order to improve your ranking in these search engines, you have to focus on SEO. No one can deny the importance of focused keyword from an SEO point of view. Its reason is that focused keyword describes the content on your website. The role of a keyword in SEO is explained below by a cheap dissertation writing service;

Give You Direction: Planning is known as the key component of each strategy. When you want to share something on your website, you will have to conduct research. Without a focused keyword, your research will be aimless. If you have a focused keyword, it will provide direction and focus to your content. It means that you can easily create unique and original content for your blog post. This unique and original content is the basic need for search engines. This keyword is also helpful to you to find new topics relevant to your niche.

Get You The Best Listing In Search Engines: Google is known as the most advanced keyword search engine and if you do keyword research with Google, you will be able to get the most exposure of your keyword. After optimizing your website in Google, you can use the same strategy for other search engines like Bing and Yahoo etc. With the help of this proper research, you will also be able to find a low competition keyword. Its reason is that these low competition keywords will increase your chances of highest listing in search engines. In other words, it will also be easy for you to get a higher ranking in search engines.

It Takes Care Of Competition Analysis: Success is the main factor behind developing the best quality website. Your focused keyword will pursue worth of your website. While taking an analysis of keyword, you will get an idea of how authoritative other websites are which have also listed the same keyword. You can perform this process manually or with the help of a keyword research tool.

A Good Keyword Is Helpful To You To Focus On The Right Audience: We do SEO for our website because we want to drive more and more traffic to our website. For example, if our focus in on the cricket fans but we are uploading posts relevant to hockey, it is impossible for us to drive targeted traffic to our website. For this reason, the focused keyword is very helpful for us. It will provide us with an idea of which keyword is best for us to drive the right audience to our website. Moreover, a focused keyword will also provide an idea about its monthly researches. For example, if we want to drive 1k organic readers to our website but average monthly searches of our targeted keyword are only 100, how is it possible for us to achieve our target? Therefore, we can say that a focused keyword is the backbone of the SEO of our website.

Gets Your Social Shares: It is a fact that most people click on your web post just by seeing keyword. Therefore, the keyword of your web post should be interesting. This interesting keyword will also encourage the readers to share your web post along with their friends on social media sites. This thing is helpful to you to grow your website organically. After growing your website organically, you will require less effort to work on other parts of SEO like link building.

Helpful To Get Better Ranking In Search Engines: At last, there comes the main benefit of a focused keyword. If you work on focused keyword properly, it will be helpful to you to rank your website. In order to get higher rank in search engines, it is necessary for you to add a focused keyword in the title, meta description and main body of the web post. This thing will provide an idea to search engines that you have written something interesting for audience members relevant to this particular keyword. As a result, you will get higher rank in search engines.

Top Free Software To Analyze The Competition: If you want to improve the presence of your website, it is necessary for you that you should analyze your competitor’s website. After identifying your competitors, it will be easy for you to create a strategy to compete with them. There is lots of free software to analyze the competition of websites. For example, W3bin is used to get an idea about hosting of a particular domain. SimilarWeb is also an essential software which is helpful to you to similar websites. BuiltWith is an essential free competition analysis tool which is the to find out what websites are built with. If we talk about top free software to analyze competition on your website, Open Site Explorer by Moz is the best software to you.

Open Site Explorer is the nifty tool to get an idea about backlinks of your competitor’s website. You just need to paste the link of your competitor and it will provide you with an idea about backlinks. After getting an idea about backlinks of your competitor’s website, you will create your strategy of building backlinks to compete your competitor. You can also make similar backlinks for your own website. This free software is also helpful to you to get an idea about the domain authority of a website. After getting an idea about the domain authority of your competitor’s website, you will also get an idea how difficult or easy to you to complete this website.

You can get above benefits from this software without signing up. Anyhow, if you sign up on this software, you can get some other benefits like you can find out the best keyword research ideas, you can audit and crawl SEO for your website, you can track the rank of your blog post and you can also enjoy SEO Toolbar facility free of cost. On the other hand, if you are looking for these kinds of facilities on other software, you will have to pay some amount.

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