What Can Be If Donald Trump Reject to Leave White House?

US Election 2020
President Donald Trump has announced that if he loses the election, he will not accept the results of the election. He has lost the election. After losing the election, he has refused to accept the results of the election. He is going to challenge the results of the election in the Supreme Court. Now, the question is that what will happen if Donald Trump will refuse to leave the White House. The political scientists and historians of a dissertation help firm are saying that it will not work. According to them, after losing the election, Trump has to leave the White House on January 20, 2020. He will have to pass his commander in chief authority to Joe Biden. He is disagreeing with the results but he still is removed from the White House.

It Is Hard To Steal The US Election?
Trump is claiming that someone has rigged the election. According to Shapiro, instead of making noise, Trump should accept his defeat. He has said that it is almost impossible to steal US election. Shapiro has said that the actual winner of the election will become the next president of US. Trump should understand the bureaucracy of the election is beyond the reach of Donald Trump. All the bureaucracies of the states are holding the elections without any favour. They are counting the votes. The election professionals are ensuring the quality of the election across the states. They are taking pride in doing the election work.

There is a federal law regarding the electoral votes. According to this law, the states have to finalize their choices of electors before December 8 in the year of election. On the 14th December, the Electoral College will have to cast their votes. Here, the matter will be settled. According to Shapiro, if Donald Trump gets more electoral votes, he will become the president of the US for the second time. Therefore, he will not need to go to court. On the other hand, if Biden will get more electoral votes, he will become the next president of the US. As Biden has got more electoral votes, he will be the next president of the US. Now, Donald Trump will have to leave the White House instead of challenging his defeat in the court. Its reason is that he will not get any favour from the Supreme Court.

The US Presidential Candidates Have Never Refused Election Results:
If Donald Trump will refuse to transfer the power to Joe Biden in January 2021, he will become the first American presidential candidate who will refuse the results of the election. A question was asked from the Bruce Schulman (a historian at the Boston University). Someone has asked that either any US presidential candidate has refused to accept the elections of US. His answer was in ‘No’. I think Donald Trump is going into the Supreme Court by keeping in mind the history of the 1824 election. In this election, the candidates have not got the majority of the electoral votes. Under such a situation, the House has to select the president. Now, the situation is reversed. Joe Biden has got the electoral votes that are necessary for him to win the presidential election. Therefore, Donald Trump can’t expect this kind of favour from the House.

What Will Happen If Trump Refuses To Leave The White House?
Instead of all the facts, the answer to this question is still under process. We try to know the answer to this question. All the votes are counted. Joe Biden has won the presidential election in the US. Now, Trump has to transfer his power to newly elected President Donald Trump. The results of this election will be passed on to Congress. The House and the Senate will have to accept Joe Biden as the next president of US. According to legal terms, Donald Trump can’t do anything because he has not any power to do it. 

All the Secret Services will have to report to the Joe Biden. Trump will be the outgoing president. He will have the contingent of the Secret Service. Joe Biden will go into the White House and Donald Trump will have to go out. At that time, all the civil service of the government will have to report to the Joe Biden. Moreover, all the employees of the US will have to report to Joe Biden. Anyhow, if Donald Trump still refuses to leave the White House, he will find all the employees against him. All the employees will follow the orders of Joe Biden. Joe Biden will have the authority to give directions to the employees. He can issue strict orders against him.

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