How Teaching Autonomy Can Be Promoted With Best Practices?

Basically, teacher autonomy means professional freedom of the students in the institutes. In the education centre, they want to make autonomous decisions about the methods of teaching. In the advanced world, teacher autonomy is becoming a gigantic issue and centre of discussion due to educational policies.

Ancient And Modern Method Of Teaching

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The teaching method has been completely changed then the old once. In the ancient period, teachers have complete independence about their teaching method; indeed, they were producing outstanding results and intellectual men for the future. In the modern and advanced world, teachers are depended on the state and they have to follow all the rules and regulations that authority has fixed for them.

Teachers’ Self-Determination

So, they don’t have the freedom to teach children what they want, even, the cheap essay writing service firm said, teachers have to follow the syllabus of the state. It seems that teachers are the propagandist and they are merely the puppet in the hands of the state. They have no freedom to mould the students according to their wishes. If teaching autonomy will become establish then they will produce. As we know that teaching autonomy is one of the beneficial elements in building the trust of the students and lack of autonomy kills a workplace. If teachers will not enjoy a peaceful environment then he will not able to gain success in life. Because having a burden in the minds will not offer motivation to the teachers and they will not provide a peaceful environment to the teachers.

Teachers’ Responsibilities

The development of the support system creates a peaceful environment for the teachers and the makes students more responsible and students can concentrate on their studies. Teacher’s autonomy can be promoted if generations will believe that teachers are very valuable and play an important role. Having complete freedom will give the sense of realization that teachers are more responsible and they are the builder of a nation. Yes, of course, the sense of responsibility will generate good results and teachers will become more productive and creator. The government should give complete independence to the teacher and they should not become the slave of the state. On the other hand, if teachers will play their vital role in the academic year then they will gain complete freedom. Teachers should promote the actual meaning of the education; indeed, they should provide a stress-free environment for the students.

Motivating And Supporting Teachers

If etchers will follow the right rules of the state then it is clear they will not give too much burden. The future of the teacher is very bright; therefore, they should not give too much burden to the students. Another tragedy that the teaching profession is facing is a long working time. As we now that teacher has to work the whole day in the school and they have no freedom to manage their own working hours. We are not suggesting that all the education system should be established by the teachers, we are just saying that Government sectors should give freedom and permission to the teacher in their teaching method. For example, if a teacher is teaching to the student in his own style and he is producing good results then the state should be considered the method of teaching. They should demand good results not the following of the rules and regulations.

Decision-Making Freedom For Teachers

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Not only in the education system, indeed, should teachers give freedom in the lesson planning. If they will feel their responsibility and they will handle all the classroom material, it is sure that the teacher will create more good results. The government should understand the importance of teachers’ autonomy and they should offer decision making freedom to learn. However, teachers understand what the right method of teaching is and how they can produce good results for the schools, colleges and universities.

Future Opportunities

On the other hand, learners should be given decision making freedom. In most countries, students have no freedom to choose their major, because, they are watching their profession and job. In which major they are finding more opportunities and jobs they would like to prefer to choose and study these major. Although, they have decision making choice, yet the pressure of a bright future is disturbing to their minds. Not only learners, indeed, teachers also pay attention and concentration to these majors. If the state will take some positive results then teachers autonomic can be promoted and they can lessen their burden.

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