Are Your College Degrees Worthless? What You Should Do Now?

Are College Degrees Worthless
In present circumstances and market requirements one can’t get a job with a college degree only. Competition in the market is increasing day by day and everyone looks for experts with greater experience and a high level of education. So if you are thinking that you will get a job with a college degree only, sorry you are wrong. You need to update your knowledge and compare it with the real world. Practical life is much different than the one you perceive during your college days. A college degree with good grades is necessary for a good career but is not enough.

As you will step into your practical life you will come to know most employers give more preference to your skills, abilities and qualities as compared to your GPA and grades. They will demand for specific skills from candidates to hire them. For example, a company which provides dissertation writing services always prefers writers who are capable of good writing and research skills. They have no concern about your medals and achievements in extracurricular or academic activities rather they are more interested in knowing what will be your influence on their organization if they hire you.

Why Are College Degrees Worthless?
Most of the college graduates don’t have enough skills to critically think and analyze or make organized decisions and lack skills to interpret. Colleges are just giving students book learning and just downloading data in their minds, about which students don’t know what to do and how to use it. Another reason is the increasing numbers of private institutions who are competing for greater numbers of students. This has ultimately resulted in low quality. Now we have more graduates in the market with no skills.

Another issue is that most of the students do not have any idea and relevant knowledge about getting education, what they are going to acquire from it, which degree is best and suitable for them according to their interest and goals. They blindly take huge amounts of loans for their studies. They have the wrong thought in their mind that when they graduate and have the college degree in their hand, they will get a good job which will pay them good enough and they will be able to pay back the loan they have taken for education. But the reality is reversed in almost 90% cases.

What should be Your Next Strategy?
It is not always possible to get a straight line during comparison between your degree and a job. Think more largely when looking for a job. Enhance your degree. Only college degree will not help you to get the desired job. You require a higher degree or some additional training or courses. Take the exact courses, or purse the veracious a higher degree, that can significantly intensify your marketability. You can also adopt an online course or online degree. There is no strict track to achievement and no hard and fast rules stating that to put in a specific amount of struggle for a particular sum of years to attain your career objectives. It's only you who can make things happen for yourself.

This means that you need to go the extra mile and grabbing every opportunity that encounter your path. This is the only way to learn and prove your identity, specialty and competitive edge. First step is to go for an advanced degree for getting specialization in skills of a specific field. But if you are financially strong and require a job first for earning, then start searching for job. But keep one thing in mind that there are 90 % chances that you will get a job relevant to your field. So don’t waste your time in searching for it. Look for what is available. Look more widely at related jobs.

Be flexible and think out of the box. Don’t reject an opportunity just because it is rewarding very less or you want to wait for some bigger opportunities. The best approach is availing all opportunities you have in your way. This will not only enhance your experience but also boost your skills and knowledge. Next you can do is continue your studies with your job here you have option of online degree as well. This will help you to learn with ease and flexibility. Here you have an advantage for pursuing your higher degree in a field relevant to your current job.

If you are serious about building a successful future and achieving your dreams then you must plan on a long-term basis. You must have enough knowledge about your plans and worth of the degrees you are planning to achieve. Don’t follow the crowd blindly.

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