Scope of Degree in Computer Engineering - Career Guidelines

Scope of Degree in Computer Engineering
Computer engineering is the combination of technology and innovation. It is a vibrant proficient field, which offers various career paths both as a hardware engineer as well as a software engineer. Before discussing the scope of computer engineering and careers related it first of all we need to know what computer engineering is.

Computer Engineering:
Computer Engineering is a sub-branch of Electrical Engineering. Computer engineering is a combination of electrical engineering and computer science leading towards networking and digital technology. It is mostly concerned with designing and development of computers and computer based systems. In computer engineering you have to build and design different types of computers and their hardware.

Difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Science:
As told by researchers of a dissertation help firm, computer science is concerned with building computer systems and solving problems on computers whereas computer engineering is a mixture of computer science and electrical engineering.

Responsibilities of a Computer Engineer:
A computer engineer is responsible for designing and building a computer system. He is also responsible for conducting research for finding ways for performance improvement of different parts of computers like processors, RAM, ROM, and computing circuits. He also has to install computer systems in automotive devices like cars, planes, ATMs, and other communication networks. Additionally, working on software of designed computers is also the job part of a computer engineer. Computer engineers design computing platforms and applications. They are also responsible for enhancing the capabilities of networks and communications systems. Main focus of computer engineers is innovation. They are in charge of bringing innovation in safe computer systems, fast speed and powerful systems.

International Scope of Computer Engineering:
Computer engineering is considered as a global career. There is a wide scope of computer engineering professionals internationally because of the fact that computer hardware manufacturing industries are very well established in most of the leading countries like the US, China and UK. According to a survey from a total of all technological professionals around thirty eight percent of professionals work as computer engineers including twenty seven percent in hardware and eleven percent in software. Researchers expect seven percent growth in computer engineering by 2022 and twenty two percent in the software engineering profession. Due to the increase in the number of emerging industries, technological revolutions and advancements, and increase in capital investment, the scope of computer engineering on the international level has some much increased.

Computer Engineering and its Scope in Pakistan:
Unfortunately, in Pakistan computer hardware manufacturing industry does not exist which limits the scope of computer engineering in Pakistan. Students mostly don’t opt this field because of the non-existence of jobs in computer engineering. However, some other relevant industries like telecom industry, software industry and automated systems development industries offer job opportunities to computer engineers. So students mostly prefer to study software engineering instead of computer engineering.

Eligibility Criteria for becoming a Computer Engineer:
If a student wants to become a certified computer engineer he needs to get a Bachelor of Science (Hon’s) degree in Electrical engineering with specialization in computer engineering, hardware engineering or a Bachelor of Science (Hon’s) degree in computer engineering, hardware engineering or system engineering.

Top Universities for Getting Computer Engineering Degree:
University of Bristol offers a 3 years Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Computer science and electronics. It is especially designed for preparing students for both the industries of electrical engineering and computer engineering. University of Glasgow is among the top 100 universities of the world. It offers a 1 year Master’s program in Computer system engineering. This degree not only provides knowledge about computer hardware and software but also smart device technology. The Imperial College of London offers three years computing courses.

Skills Required for Computer Engineering:
A computer engineer should have a combination of soft skills, technical skills and employability skills. He must possess critical thinking and analyzing skills, time management, problem solving skills, decision making skills, and good communication skills. He must be a detail oriented and goal oriented person. He must possess the persistence to conduct complete tests of a system again and again for ensuring its functionality.

Is this Career Suitable for You?
Choosing a career depends on your interest. If it matches with your interest you are lucky to go. If you find interest in circuiting, system administering, and networking then it's good to choose computer engineering. In terms of job opportunities and employment IT sector is very broad. Due to the increasing numbers of graduates with engineering degrees you need to develop those skills which act as a competitive edge for getting a good job for you.

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