5 Ways by Which Students Waste Their Most of Time

Time Management
College is the period of your life when you should be most present so that you can stay involved in various activities. However, most of the students make the mistake of wasting their time doing unproductive things which only exhaust them. There is no doubt that college life is one of the most exciting and golden phases of one's life. For its the one place where both your academics and their practical applications are in perfect harmony. According to an assignment writing service, if utilized efficiently then the time spent in college can be your road to success. School campuses are the center of varied activities that you will involve yourself in also not to mention the value that some of these extracurricular activities add to your resumes.

However, most of the students end up wasting their time in unproductive activities that have no learning or benefits. College life is hard. As a student, you most likely balance your classes, homework, finances, a job, friends, a social life, a relationship, curricular involvement, and ten million other things -- all at the same time. It's no wonder, then, that you may need to just spend time, well, wasting time now and then.

Maximum Time Busy In Surfing The Internet:
Gadgets are one of the major sources of distraction for college students. Surely, the internet has a lot to offer but instead of surfing social media for a major part of your day it's better to use it for constructive things like researching information for a college project. In a latest research, the average time that a person spends per day on social media was calculated and it was concluded that we spend 40 minutes each day on youtube, 35 minutes on Facebook, 25 minutes on snapchat, 15 minutes on Instagram and projected those figures out over a lifetime, arriving at a total of five years and four months. So, you will spend precisely half a decade of your life on social media alone. Scary, isn't it? Social media has become a necessity in today's times so we won't ask you to uninstall the apps but it's advisable to keep a check on how much time you are spending on them. So, keep a check of the amount of your time you spend online and how much of it was spend doing constructive activities.

Disorganized Work Environment:
Is your desk cluttered with sticky notes and scraps of paper? Is your computer desktop a chaotic mess of random files completely covering your background picture? Does your filing cabinet look like an explosion of paper and files? If so, there’s a good chance your disorganization is wasting your time by creating it difficult to find anything, and making you look unprofessional to boot. It’s time to declutter your workstation. When everything has a place, you’ll be able to quickly retrieve the information you need and move on to the next thing.

Not Serious About Timings:
They set very high aims for ourselves once it comes to studying. In a bid to catch up with the syllabus, or like in a ton of cases, just to pass in the test the next morning, we pull an all-nighter and try to study for long hours without taking any break. This, in fact, is quite a bad practice as one will only concentrate fully for only a limited time period beyond that our brain stops absorbing any information whatsoever. This phenomenon is often termed as study burnout. Also, confirm you have all your study essentials next to you before you settle down to study so as not to waste time looking for them once you start studying.

Wasting Time Between Classes:
There are a lot of instances when two lectures are hours apart and the students have no but to stay in the college because going out would mean that they would not be able to return in time. The ones who live in the in-campus hostel can always go back and take a nap or rest in their rooms. But those who do not have to figure out some way to spend this free time and more often than not, they waste it away chatting with friends in the college canteen. Do not you think that time could have been put to better use reading some book or maybe playing a sport.

Doing Unnecessary Work/Reading:
Students usually spend a lot of their time doing things they can easily avoid. For instance, just going on reading stuff which is obviously not that important. Just because your professor included that topic in the presentation doesn't mean that its necessary or would be asked in the exams. Go through the previous year's paper and pinpoint the important topics or the frequently asked questions and prepare accordingly.

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