Top 5 Tools That Can Be Used for a Perfect Data Analysis

Data Analysis
Businesses and researchers need to do data analysis for strategies and decision-making. This data analysis requires some smart tools that must fulfill all the requirements and criteria for data analysis and most have all those features that are necessary for analyzing for making a good and useful analysis of data.

Choosing a Data Analysis Tool:

Choosing a data analysis tool is a very challenging task because every kind of tool has some pros and some cons as well. So finding a tool that fulfills are your data analysis requirements is quite difficult. According to a dissertation writing service, for choosing the right data analysis tool you need to ensure the below-mentioned factors. Before choosing any tool you must keep in your mind the need for doing data analysis.
  • Check the data modeling capabilities of each tool.
  • Check the price.
  • It must have a user-friendly interface.
  • It must be easy to use and reports generated by it should be understandable.
  • The tool you choose must be able to identify the data pattern.
  • Choose a tool that offers integration so that if you need you can move your data to another system.
  • Check the security features of the tool for ensuring the safety of your data and information.

Top 5 Tools for a Perfect Data Analysis:

Microsoft Power BI:

Among many other products, Microsoft also offers the data analysis tool named Microsoft Power Bi. Microsoft Power Bi is a tool that provides collecting, scrutinizing, envisioning, and sharing of data. Individuals who are familiar with the use of Excel can easily use Microsoft Power Bi. Microsoft Power Bi provides easy integration with other products of Microsoft. It is a self-service tool that can be easily learned with a little training. It provides apps for both desktop and mobile phones. This tool helps to create a link between different data sets, and transmute data into data models.

It also generates charts, graphs, and visual illustrations of data for better understanding. The reports generated by Microsoft Power Bi helps in forecasting. It is so simple and easy to use that even individuals with no analytical background can use this tool for making analyses and generating reports. The most widely appreciated features of Microsoft Power Bi are;
  • Text analytics
  • Image recognition
  • Machine learning Models
  • Integration with Azure machine language
  • Built-in connectors
  • Creation of subsets of data
  • Customization

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is a very popular and commonly used tool for data analysis. Microsoft is offering this product in three categories; home, business, and enterprises. Some of the unique features of MS excel include
  • Data Filtering
  • Password protection
  • Data Sorting
  • Pivot Table Report
  • Auto Updating of results
  • Built-in formulae
  • Formula auditing
  • It helps in getting better understandings of data. It is very easy to learn and use.


Tableau is a business intelligence tool that helps in visualizing and analyzing data in a very easy-to-use and understand format. For eight consecutive years, this tool has been named as a leader in the Gartner magic quadrant. The most popular features of this product include the fastest analysis of data, publishing, and sharing of dashboards, auto-updating, easy-to-use, and smart dashboards. This product has five categories which include Tableau public, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader, Tableau Online, and Tableau Server. Among all these five categories Tableau public is free of cost. But the drawback of this free version is that you have to save your work on the Tableau server, which means that anyone can view it.


Rapid Miner is a business intelligence platform that provides a three-in-one product. It provides
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Machine learning models building
  • Data Deployment
RapidMiner offers five different products which include studio, Go, server, real-time scoring, and Radoop. In 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant, RapidMiner was named as Visionary for Data Science and Machine Learning Platform.


QlikView is another data analysis tool that is given the name of leader for Analytics and BI platform. This business intelligence platform excels in providing features of integration, visualization, literacy, and analysis. It has the following features;
  • Notifying the potential issues
  • Compression of data
  • In-memory storage
  • Fast processing and calculation
  • Multiple users can access the data
  • Direct connection to the data source
  • Data association
  • Color representation of the relationship between data 9. In-direct searches

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  1. It is a self-service tool that can be easily learned with a little training. It provides apps for both desktop and mobile phones. This tool helps to Online NFT PC games USA
    create a link between different data sets, and transmute data into data models.